Business Law Week 1: What To Know Before Incorporating    

Week 1 of this workshop series lays out an in-depth review of necessary documents and useful resources that make up a corporation. Find out when and how incorporating can benefit you.

Incorporation 101 Workshop

In this workshop, Samuel Michaels discusses the importance of incorporation. By watching this session you will learn terms associated with incorporation, when and why to incorporate, and how to address problems between shareholders.


Incorporation 101 Workshop Clip – Incorporation
Terms Explained

Through the video, key terminology associated with running a business is explained. Look out for Accounting 101 for Businesses Oct. 30th, 2019, featuring a guest speaker!

Estate Planning Workshop

S.M. Legal’s etate workshop focuses on basics of estate law in Ontario and Canada. Through the video, the importance of estate planning is explained. This includes when to setup a will and considerations for when to get a new will.

Estate Planning Workshop Clip – Estate Planning Documents

S. M. Legal founder, Samuel Michaels describes the most important documents and their role in an estate plan – which ensures your future intentions are in place and protected.

Employment Standards Act Workshop

Learn about the Employment Standards Act (ESA) of Ontario and its governing body, the Employment Standards Office (ESO). Find out how to file a claim with the ESO and what the limitations of the ESA & ESO are.

Privacy In The Workplace

Samuel Michaels explains what your privacy rights are as an employee in Ontario. Some examples are whether your employer can force you to take drug tests, or demand to see the text messages on your cellphone.

Devon Crawford – I Started a Company

Canada Legal Help sponsor, SM Legal, worked with Devon Crawford to incorporate his video production company. In this video, Devon describes the incorporation process from the POV of a startup founder.